Have you had your intimate images shared without permission? Support is available.

Sharing or threatening to share someone else’s intimate images without consent is wrong, and it is illegal.

Blurred photo similar to the way social media sensors photos, with the text: "Nobody should see your intimate photos and videos without consent"

Have you had an intimate image shared without your consent?

Are you worried someone might share your images? There is help available.

Get the support you need

The Intimate Images Protection Service supports people who have had their intimate images shared, or threatened to be shared, without their consent. The Service provides emotional support, information, resources, and can help explain your options. They can also help you with applications to the Civil Resolution Tribunal and with communicating orders.

Get your images taken down

Learn about your options for making a claim. The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) can issue an intimate image protection order. It’s a legal order that someone has to take down the intimate image, or stop sharing or threatening to share it.

It’s not your fault.
And you are not alone.

The Intimate Images Protection Service is here to help.

There are supports and resources available.